Pyrit Music - Drum Chest VST + Dark Sky Expansion (VST Instrument)
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Pyrit Music - Drum Chest VST + Dark Sky Expansion (VST Instrument)

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'Drum Chest VST' by Pyrit Music brings you over 82 Drum Samples that will enhance your production including hard hitting kicks, hypnotic hi-hats & slapping snares. This VST also comes with a bonus selection of specially curated drums from Pyrits newley released 'Golden Era Drums' Drumkit. 

Here is a short description of 'Golden Era Drums' drumkit:

'Golden Era Drums' by Pyrit Music is a one-of-a-kind collection of 90 Drum Samples that have been meticulously crafted & sound-matched based on close research of beat-tapes from the '90s provided by legendary Golden Era Producers. 

Also upon purchase of 'Drum Chest VST' you will also receive a BONUS Expansion Pack to DrumChest. Dark Sky expansion transforms DrumChest to a full Keyboard with 20 brand new instrument sounds to give your production a new zone, all inside the same VST. 

All samples in this pack have been premixed with Pyrits signature drum sound so you can simply play the instrument in your DAW while creating your next hit for an easy and enjoyable flow. Inspired by the greatest producers in the game, this VST can be used to make %100 of your next hit song, all while being %100 royalty-free

Product Includes: 
80+ Drum and FX samples

5 Modern Drumkits Pro-mixed with Pyrits signature Drum sounds

6 Kicks
8 Snares
11 Hats
14 Percs
Plus Extras

5 Bonus Golden Era Drumkits specially tailored and mixed with Pyrits signature Drum sounds

10 Kicks
11 Snares
11 Hats
11 Percs
Plus Extras

Dark Sky Expansion includes 20 All New Instruments: 

5 Synths
5 Basses
5 Keys
3 Bells
2 Vox

100% Royalty Free 

171.3MB MAC Download File Size (Zipped)
169.6MB Windows Download File Size (Zipped)

223 MB of Content (MAC Unzipped)
214 MB of Content (Windows Unzipped)

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